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Verify Person

Our verify person service allows you to take the details of your end user, and check them against a predefined list of checks.

What does verify person do?

When setting up your account you will be able to create one or more profiles. These profiles will dictate the combination of database checks that verify person will complete, and the scoring of each of the results of these checks. The result of these checks will dictate the result you receive from verify person.

How does verify people work?


The Request

The Verify Person request requires your journey-id to be sent in as a header. Your journey-id is the unique id that references the list of checks that you put together for verify people to perform. You will create this as part of the setup of your account (please contact us if you don't have one).

The verify person API allows you to post the details of an individual you want to check using our standard person schema shown below (refer to the API section for the precise format). Note that it is recommended to send any captured addresses using the address lines and country fields if they are available, rather than the individual fields. If you have performed a Verify Document request prior to this, if you have a JSON block containing quality, this can and should be included in the Verify Person request.


The Person Id

If this is the first request you are making in a series of verification requests that relate to a single user, you do not need to supply a person-id, and one will be created for you by IDAAS and returned in the response headers with the key 'person-id'. You should use this id for each subsequent request you make to any of the verification services. Using the 'person-id' again will allow IDAAS to combine verifications into a single history record and perform actions such as combined decision (to determine whether all the verifications add up to a successfully onboarding result for the person in question). 

If you have already performed other verification checks and already have a person-id, this should be supplied as part of the URL. For more information on where and how to supply a person Id, see our API Reference Documentation.


The Response

A successful response in full detail can be seen in API Reference Documentation.  Whether you are starting a 'New Verification' against a new person or continuing an 'Existing Verification' against someone, the response structure will remain the same but you will have that combined decision for existing people you've continued verifications on.

The result

The possible values of the result field is dependent on your configuration setup.  However, we would expect at least one beginning with the text "PASS".  Anything not prefixed with the text "PASS" will be used by the combined decision as a non pass state and therefore will not contribute to a successful onboarding of the individual.

What next?

To implement the verify person API, find details API information in our API Reference.