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Verify Document Details

Our Verify Document Details service gives you the ability to send document data to check against databases and use the result as part of your collection of verification checks.

What does verify document details do?

Verify document details allows you to submit document details (data) of the identifying documents of your end users, check those details against databases to see if they match against the individual for example (e.g. a 'UK Driving Licence' data can be sent for checking against a corresponding database/check that will validate the document number against the forename, surname, DOB etc.).

How does verify document details work?

The Request

The verify document details service requires a 'journey-id' that dictates the databases which are going to be checked against.  GBG will issue your company with this information, as it will be company specific.  A cleanse-address option is available to ensure that the address is first cleaned and formatted correctly for submission to the databases.

Each supported document detail has it's own specific structure for filling out.  At the moment the supported document details are for:

  • UK Driving Licence
  • Passport
  • European National ID
  • Australia Medicare Card
  • Chinese National ID Card

For example the 'Passport' verify document details structure has specific fields that are required for the check and are also available on a passport document:

  • Passport Number
  • Short Passport Number
  • Country of Origin
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Birth Date
  • Place of Birth
  • Last Name(s)
  • First Name
  • Middle Name(s)
  • Gender

The Person Id

If this is the first request you are making in a series of verification requests that relate to a single user, you do not need to supply a person-id, and one will be created for you by IDaaS and returned in the response headers with the key 'person-id'. You should use this id for each subsequent request you make to any of the verification services. This will allow IDaaS to combine these verifications into a single record and perform actions such as combined decision

If you have already performed other verification checks and already have a person-id, this should be supplied in the URL.  For more information on where and how to supply a person-id, see our API Reference Documentation.

The Response

Identifiers for this specific verification request, and your submitted documents are returned in response headers, named 'person-id' and 'verification-id'. These can be used with the Verification History UI to retrieve your submitted requests at a later date.

A successful response can be see in our API Reference Documentation.

The verification result

The possible values of the verify document details result are dependent on the configuration setup for your organisation.  However, IDaaS will expect at least one result that has a prefix of "PASS" to enable the  combined decision to operate and reflect the contribution of this verification.

What next?

To implement the verify document details API, find detailed API information in our API Reference.