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Verify Document

The Verify Document results page displays more details about a Verify Document check by allowing users to drill down further into the specific validation and security checks that have been carried out to determine the result. If a Face Match check has been performed, the results will also be displayed on the Verify Document page. Find out more information about how to perform a Verify Document check here.

The Verify Document page can be accessed by selecting the Verify Document block on the Person Summary page (as highlighted below).

Once navigated to the Verify Document page, users will be able to view the following sections:

  • An overview of the Verify Document check
  • Data Capture - the data captured and extracted from the document (only applicable to certain documents)
  • Document Validation - the individual validation checks that have been performed for the document
  • Uploaded Scan - the images captured from the document, including the Digital Tampered Heat Map image
  • Face View - the image captured and results for a Face Match check (this will only be present if a Face Match check has been carried out)

Verify Document - Overview

At the top of the page, users will be able to view the overall result for a Verify Document Check. The result of a Verify Document is dependent on a number of factors including what tolerance was set for the check (find out more here), and whether a Liveness and Face Match check has been carried out and the corresponding result.

How does Liveness and Face Match affect a Verify Document result?

If either a Liveness or Face Match check has been carried out, the checks have to Pass as a minimum for the Verify Document to Pass. See below for examples.

Check results for a Verification Overall Verify Document Result
Document Validation (Pass), Face Match (Pass) and Liveness (Pass) PASS
Document Validation (Fail), Face Match (Pass) and Liveness (Pass) FAIL
Document Validation (Pass), Face Match (Any result that is not a 'Pass') and Liveness (Pass) REFER 
Document Validation (Pass), Face Match (Pass) and Liveness (Fail) REFER 


Data Capture

Certain documents used for a Verify Document check allow users to be able to view the extracted inputted data from the document. A user will be able to view person and document data that is present on the provided document. An example below shows the Data Capture for a sample UK Driving Licence.

Document Validation

The document validation section (highlighted below) allows users to view the specific validation and security feature checks that have been performed for the document image and data that has been extracted. All individual checks have been categorised into different sections (see below for descriptions of different categories).

Note: not all the below categories will be applicable for every document type.

Category Description
CrossMatch Checks whether certain fields on the document meet appropriate algorithms (if applicable to the document). For example, the 'BirthDate Cross Reference'  field will be checking whether the date of birth matches the logic applied to the specific document number (E.g. UK Driving Licence)
Presence Checks whether standard document details are present on the document image. For example, the 'Portrait Photo Presence Check Validator' will check whether the document portrait image is in the expected location.
Semantic Checks the logic of certain fields against other relevant data. For example, the 'Birth Date In Past Validator' will check whether the date of birth is before the current system’s date and time.
Format Checks whether certain document fields meet the correct format expected for that document. For example, the 'ExpiryDate Format Validator' will be checking if the Expiry Date fields on the document image match the expected format for an Expiry Date for that particular document. 
CheckDigit Checks whether certain document fields meet the calculation specified by the issuing authority
ColorCheck Checks the validation colour on the white image for either coloured or not
FaceSubstitutionDetectionValidator Checks if there are signs of the portrait image on the document being swapped or altered
DigitalTampering Checks if there are signs that the document image has been digitally tampered
RecaptureDetectionValidator Checks if there are signs of document recapture. For example. the image is not of the original document but is instead of another image (screen shot for example).

Checks specific document templates. For example, if a Passport has been provided, the 'ICAO Template Check' will be carried out to assess whether the MRZ location satisfies the ICAO standards.


Document Validation provides all the fields that are used to authenticate ID documents with a Result section of whether the ID holds a risk or not (Match or No Match). If the individual check fields have a result of 'Match', then this means that the particular pattern of an ID card has passed the authentication checks successfully. Alternatively, a 'No Match' is designated when it fails to authenticate the pattern of the ID card. Users are able to see the failed check field name alongside the actual segment image of the ID of where it has passed or failed. 

Uploaded Scan

The Uploaded Scan section allows users to view the following:

- A full document image

- The portrait image on the document 

- Digital tampering heat map image 

See examples below.

Document Image


Portrait Photo

Digital tampering heat map

Note: if there are signs of digital tampering, the location of the tampering will be highlighted red in the image.

Face View

The Face View section will only be displayed if a Face Match check (find out more here) has been performed. A user will be able to view the result of the check, alongside the image captured to perform the check. See example below.

Potential results that will return for a Face Match check:

Result Description
PASS: Matched The 'selfie' image has successfully matched against the portrait image present on the document 
NotMatched No correlation in facial features have been identified in the 'selfie' image and document portrait image
NoFace A face was not identified on the 'selfie' image provided
Undetermined  A result could not be concluded from the Face Match check
Identical The image for the 'Selfie' and document are identical which may indicate a person has tried to re-use their document portrait photo in the Face Match verification