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Using the Verify People Service (Archived Version 1.0)

The VerifyPeopleService class can be used to verify text based name and address information. Create an instance of it:

// create a people verify service
val peopleService = VerifyPeopleService(Config(""))

The address to be verified is built using VerifyNewPersonRequest.Address.Builder:

// create a verify request
// a. create an address
val address = VerifyNewPersonRequest.Address.Builder()
    .street("BAKER STREET")
    .postCode("SW2 222Q")

Now build the entire person request, including that address:

// b. build the request
val personRequest = VerifyNewPersonRequest.Builder()
                    address = address

Finally, use the SDK to send the request and then the application code can handle the result. The example here prints some debug output indicating success or failure.

// submit the request to the service and handle the result
    journeyId = "0b39fc26-74bc-433e-b394-4adc8aa96f99",
    journeyVersion = 1,
    request = personRequest,
    resultListener = object : VerifyResultListener<Response<VerifyNewPersonResponse>> {
        override fun success(response: Response<VerifyNewPersonResponse>){
            Log.d(TAG, "success: verifyPerson")
            Log.d(TAG, response.body().toString())

        override fun failure(error: ErrorResponse) {
            Log.e(TAG, "got error fron verifyPerson")
            Log.e(TAG, error.message)
            Log.e(TAG, error.responseCode.toString())

When this example is run, a success message should be displayed when debugging the application.