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IDaaS Portal

The IDaaS portal is an area where users are able to log in and view more information about verifications that have taken place. The IDaaS portal also provides the ability to view and edit the Combined Decision setting for an organisation.

Logging In

The IDaaS Portal can be accessed using the following URL:

Once a user has navigated to the above URL, you will be able to view the below screens and log in with your single sign on details.

After a user has entered their work email address, they will be redirected to their organisations single sign on page where they are able to authenticate and log in successfully.

Once a user has successfully logged in, they will be navigated to the IDaaS portal.


Verification History

As soon as a user logs into the IDaaS portal, they will land on the Verification History search page. The Verification History gives users the ability to search and find a verification for a person by referencing the Person Id. Find out more details about the Verification History feature here.

Combined Decision Settings

Users are able to view and edit the Combined Decision settings allowing them to configure their current set up or create a combined decision setting to their organisation. Users can access the Combined Decision Settings from the side menu bar. Find out more information about the Combined Decision here.

Developer Documentation

Users are able to have quick access to all the documentation relating to IDaaS including API’s and user guides. Users are able to access this by selecting ‘Developer Documentation’ in the side menu, this will then navigate users to

Logging Out

Users are able to log out from the IDaaS portal by selecting the user icon in the top right corner, once selected, the user will be able to select the ‘Log out’ option.