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Combined Decisions

GBG Identity Solution not only brings you individual verification results for your checks, but through the use of combined decisions you can effectively manage a whole collection of verification results.

By providing a single person-id across multiple verification requests, you can indicate to Identity Solution which verifications relate to a single individual. Coupled with your ability to define specific combined decision rules, the person-id allows Identity Solution to take the results of several verifications, apply combined decision rules, and provide you with a single result across all of your checks.

By default the combined decision rules will return a PASS if all verifications done against an individual (person-id) are also a PASS.  If a verify document (image) and a verify person (data) is performed then a PASS will also be returned by the combined decision when at least one PASS for verify document and one PASS for verify person are achieved.

The combined decision rules can be changed to increase the number of verify document (image) and/or verify person (data) results of PASS are required.  For example, if you have a need to achieved 2 verify documents (images) and 1 verify person (data) then a combined decision rule can be altered to reflect this.

For the Face Match (verify-selfie) and Liveness (liveness-result) the combined decision is looking for a result of PASS associated with a verify document (document-id) from these services if used.