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Building your Application

One method of constructing an application would be to pull in any HTTP library and (optionally) one of the Software Development Kits (SDKs) into the project. The HTTP library would be used for authentication, and then either HTTP or the SDK can be used for all other operations. With all the tasks combined into the mobile application like this, this type of design could be used for corporate apps where employees are using it to perform their business task.

Example Standalone App

A more commonly deployed scenario would be to make use of a server application in the cloud or data centre. This has the benefit that you can store the credentials in a secure location, allowing safer distribution of mobile apps. Once the server application has received a request from the mobile device, the server will perform the authentication and return the IDP Access Token to the mobile device using any method. The IDP Access Token will eventually expire and then the mobile app will need to re-establish communication with the server to request a new IDP Access Token.

Example Mobile App and Server

The Web SDK and HTTP based APIs allow the GBG Identity Solution to work for any platform. The Web SDK typically requires a web server in a data centre or cloud, and the HTTP API can run universally on any computing device with a HTTP library.